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SASH Physiotherapy aims to assess, diagnose, treat and educate about different physical conditions. Using the latest in evidence based treatments, SASH Physiotherapy will work one on one with you to achieve your personal goals and provide long term positive outcomes.

SASH physiotherapists look after all injuries sustained from sport, work or lifestyle.

SASH Physiotherapy assesses and treats:

Musculoskeletal pain and injuries

Spine & Joint pain, health and function

Headaches and neck pain

Nerve pain

Sport injury and prevention

Sport Performance and recovery

Post Surgery Rehabilitation

Post Injury Rehabilitation

Balance/Falls prevention

Pain management

General exercise

A session with a SASH Physiotherapist will include:

Detailed history taking

Thorough examination

Evidence based treatment options, including hands on physiotherapy

Individualised exercise program, provided on a complimentary app with video instructions

Medicare EPC Plans with a referral

SASH Physiotherapy also caters for:

Department of Veteran Affairs

Work Cover

Motor Accident Insurance Claims

Sports Physiotherapy

SASH Physiotherapy specialises in:

Injury rehabilitation programs

Dry Needling

Soft tissue massage

Taping and bracing


Joint mobilisation and manipulation

Instrument assisted soft tissue therapy


Alex Abela

Director & Physiotherapist

B.Physio, APAM, APA Sports Level 2

SASH Physiotherapy will also work closely with the extended SASH team including our chiropractors and massage therapists to ensure you receive the highest quality of individualised care.

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